Jules Martel


Contact :

Institüt für mathematik, Universität Zürich,
Winterthurerstrasse 190,
(Office: Y27J04)
8057 Zürich,

Email: Jules.Martel-Tordjman(at)math(dot)uzh(dot)ch

I am currently a Postdoc at Institüt für mathematik, Universität Zürich, in Pr. A. Beliakova's team. I am on the job market, please contact me for my application material.

Research Interests

My field of research is low dimensional topology, more precisely knots, braids, mapping class groups.
On one hand I study quantum topology, namely topological invariants arising from quantized Lie algebras such as knot invariants, braid representations, quantum representations of mapping class groups.
On the other hand, I'm interested in homology of configuration spaces, related homology techniques in the context of local coefficients.
I have defended my PhD in December 2019, under the supervision of Professor F. Costantino, at Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse 3. It is entitled ``Homological interpretations for quantum invariants''.
Then I was a postdoc fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, and then at the Institut de mathématiques de Bourgogne, in Dijon, France.

Accepted paper


PhD thesis

My thesis is called "Homological interpretations for quantum invariants", supervised by F. Costantino. You can read the manuscript (not yet on HAL for covid reasons) .


Talks (Videos)

You may fin talks I gave in video following the links:
  • J. Martel, A full homological model for quantum Verma modules and their representations of braid groups., [K-OS] seminar, 30/04/2020.
  • J. Martel, Braid representations and Kohno's theorem (I) and (II)., Matemale winter school, April 2018, talk (I), and talk (II).

    A little bit of epidemiology

  • Tô Tat Dat, Protin Frédéric, Nguyen T.T. Hang, Martel Jules, Nguyen Duc Thang, Charles Piffault, Rodríguez Willy, Figueroa Susely, Hông Vân Lê, Wilderich Tuschmann, Nguyen Tien Zung, Epidemic Dynamics via Wavelet Theory and Machine Learning, with Applications to Covid-19, ArXiv preprint (October 2020), accepted in Biology.
  • F. Protin, J. Martel, D.T. Nguyen, H. T.T. Nguyen, C. Piffault, W. Rodríguez, S. Figueroa, Tat Dat Tô, W. Tuschmann, Hông Vân Lê, T. Yeo, Tien Zung Nguyen Unified modelling of epidemics by coupled dynamics via Monte-Carlo Markov Chain algorithms, ArXiv preprint (June 2021).